Friday, 6 October 2017

A dab of bright colour

The year is turning and the changing colour of trees' leaves mark the progress of Autumn. But there are still plenty of moths about and plenty of colour among them too. Above and directly below are two Red-green Carpets, each with its own version of the mixture of red and green which the name suggests. The more reddish one below is consorting with that Puritan-looking moth, the Autumnal Rustic.

Like many Carpet moths, this species has the habit of sticking its tail in the air saucily when at rest - see below. Whether this is for comfort or - more likely - connected in some way with moths' great mission in life which is to mate, I am uncertain.

Sallow moths continue to brighten up the trap too, and here are examples of two of the several forms of the straightforward Sallow: the plain version and the one which looks more like a well-cooked Welsh Rarebit.

My last moth, for contrast albeit still very much in the same part of the colour spectrum, is a different species, the Pink-barred Sallow. Welcome all!

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