Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Roll out the carpet

Like the Pale Pinion in my last post, the latest newcomer in the trap is a hibernating species newly-woken from its Winter sleep. This (on the right above) is a Red-green Carpet, rather more red than green but certainly with a wing pattern as intricate as one of the Oriental rugs which inspired 18th century moth classifiers to dream up the name.

It will now set about breeding and its caterpillars will enjoy the local blackthorn which is turning the countryside white for miles around as it blossoms to mark the arrival of Spring. They then find leaf debris in which to pupate, another difference from the more energetic Pale Pinion larva which digs itself a little hole underground.

Apart from assorted dull Quakers and Clouded Drabs, like the one shown with the Carpet in my top picture, the eggboxes also played host to a lovely Oak Beauty. Not a newcomer for 2017 but I can't resist posting its picture.

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