Friday, 24 February 2017

Blow, ye hurricanos!

I've taken my title from King Lear, if my schoolboy-age memory holds good. I plan to light the lamp tonight to see if any moths have been blown this way by recently-departed Storm Doris.

The likelihood is small as she cam in from the vasty Atlantic deep, rather than across the Continent; but you never know.  Meanwhile here's the haul from my last night of trapping - on Monday - when this very small Pale Brindled Border (the little nut provides scale, I hope) and a Hebrew Character came a-calling. Update: but see Comments - and many thanks to Paul for re-identifying the alleged PBB as a Spring Usher (lovely name, and roll on Spring!)


Paul Hopkins said...

I have a feeling that might be a Spring Usher rather than a Pale Brindled Beauty, Martin - could be wrong though!


Martin Wainwright said...

Hi Paul. I am sure that you are right and I am very grateful, as this adds one to my measly tally so far. The weather isn't conducive to trapping at the moment, so I'm making a rather leisurely start. Maybe age is involved too...

Many thanks again, much appreciated