Monday, 18 April 2016

Shivery nights; fur coats helpful

The weather has turned glorious by day but remains chilly o'nights and that means that the real riches of Spring moths are yet to come. This is not unusual, and in previous years I have often delayed lighting the lamp until the very end of the month - which this year will mark the third anniversary of our move from Leeds. Time flies.

In spite of the cold, the regular modest snoozers in the eggboxes - Common Quakers and Hebrew Characters - were nonetheless joined last night by a nice pair of Brindled Beauties, shown in their fur coats above, and a completely zonked Pale Pinion, below.
Well, the famous surgeon Lord Moynihan had chubby fingers too - indeed they are commemorated by a cast of his hands at Leeds General Infirmary. Alas, I don't suppose I will ever get my wedding ring off, though symbolically that is nice.
Meanwhile, my Emperor Moth eggs remain quiescent. But that suits me at the moment as life is busy in other fields. Grandchildren, Beating the Bounds on Mayday, et al.

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