Saturday, 16 January 2016

Shuffling off the mortal coil

The wintertime lethargy of this blog is interrupted again by Penny's discovery of a sad little prisoner inside one of those twirly light bulbs which we are encouraged to use these days as 'eco' products. Be the eco benefits as they may, the coils are not a good place for a moth to be; the result risks being a modern version of the ancient proverb which refers to moths and flames.

That's what it was in this case, although the victim has been well-preserved in all his or her delicate beauty. What is it? I do not know but am about to enquire of the experts on the Upper Thames Moths blog. it's perhaps a bit supine not to have a guess, though, and mine would be Crambus perlella, because of the long palps. Second choice,  Elachista argentella. Both are summer moths but I've no idea when it died.

Out of doors has at last gone icy and frosty, as it ought to do in winter, and both I and the trap are having a well-earned break.

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