Thursday, 5 November 2015

Time for some lesser brethren

Epiphyas postvittana cosying up to macro Blair's Shoulder-knot

The last ten days have seen a sprinkling of micr-moths snuggling in the trap, the littlies of the mothy world which I do my best to admire and find interesting but without much success. It is true that some of them look marvellous via a well-focussed shot from a digital camera which is then enlarged. But the word 'some' is significant and anyway, I think the concession rather proves my point. Once you have zoomed in on one of these moths and then further enlarged the image, it is micro only in name.

Acleris rhombana

I have to admit that I may also be influenced by the difficulty of identifying many of the micros. This is a problem for me with many macros, so how am I expected to cope in the Tom Thumb world? Badly, is the answer. But at least I've had a go here. Passing experts are encouraged to confirm or challenge.

Epiphyas postvittana, or Light Brown Apple moth, on the trap's shield

Epiphyas postvittana on the trap's rim

Epiphyas postvittana on an eggbox cone

Acleris sparsana, just for a change

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