Monday, 28 September 2015

In the pink

The moon famously went pink last night, and so did my moths. I wanted to see the eclipse of the 'supermoon' and managed to wake myself up at 1.30am, 2.15am, 2.45am and finally 3.30am when the eclipse was under way. Sleepiness and the limitations of my iPad mean that my photographic record of the great event is rudimentary. But there was a nice coincidence in the moth trap this morning.

Three Pink-barred Sallows had arrived, my first of this year. They couldn't have chosen a more propitious night. I've now had the Sallow, the Centre-barred Sallow and the Barred Sallow. The Orange Sallow, the Dusky-lemon Sallow and the Pale-yellow Sallow have yet to make it. The last is very rare, so I'm not expecting it. But you never know.

Also there among the Lunar Underwings et al was this nice Snout moth. It always puts me in mind of Pinocchio, and I do not tell a lie.

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