Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sure of Shell

No trapping last night because of busy-ness but I have had another newcomer for the year nonetheless. I was hosing the veg patch as dusk settled in and the spray sent up a minor blizzard of small moths. Veg being dominant in my mind, I let them all flutter away undisturbed, except for one which caught my eye because - even as a scrap of airborne confetti - its bright orange colours were intriguing.

It came to rest nearby and obligingly stayed put while I nipped in and found the camera. It's a Yellow Shell, common enough but not often seen, even by me, because it tends not to be interested in light. The Moth Bible adds, however, that it is 'often disturbed by day'. And so on this occasion it proved. Isn't its patterning delightful?

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