Sunday, 15 December 2013

Little bits of Jezebel

Here's something unexpected to brighten up the winter days. My younger son Olly, whose work you can enjoy here, has been out in Hong Kong and China for an architectural exhibition. Like all faithful members of my long-suffering family, he keeps an eye out for anything smallish and with four wings.

(I recall my older son Tom, father of our lovely new Emily Maheshwary, celebrated in my last post) spotting a Lime Hawk just down the road from here, on a wall in Walton Street opposite the Oxford University Press when he was a student).

Olly's find was this lovely butterfly, spotted twice. First, at the top, clinging to a wall on a street in busy Kowloon and secondly, as Olly says, "fluttering around the terraces of the amazing Chai Wan cemetery carved into the slopes of Hong Kong island."

'Amazing' is the right word

He reports further: "It's called the Red-base Jezebel (Delias pasithoe) and it brings people joy, hope and youthful vigour according to this site -" It isn't entirely alien to us Brits. You can often see them in butterfly houses including, I think, the one just up the road at Blenheim Palace.

Many thanks to Olly. Jezebel has a special place in our family thanks to the Sunday School songs which lightened our Biblical knowledge, notably:

Jehu had a chariot of ninety nine horsepower
He drove through Ramoth-Gilead at 100 miles per hour
He had to brake a little bit just outside Jezreel
'Cos little bits of Jezebel were clinging to the wheel.

For further exciting info, see the Second Book of Kings, Chapter Nine, Verses 1-37...


sarah meredith said...

Hi Martin, I hadn't checked in with the moths in a while figuring that A) it was too cold for you to put out the trap and B) you were too busy being thrilled with your little Emily - but what fun today to find a site where all of Olly's columns are collected! I just read the fascinating China one and will dive into the others after Christmas when we are all going to have a few quiet days up at the farm. Meantime, Merry Christmas to all! xxs

MartinWainwright said...

Excellent! And a Merry Christmas to you all too! Including from Olly who is sitting next to me and Little Emily who seems to be enjoying her first Christmas


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