Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Morning photography is a bit of a rush at the moment with rain often falling but the open air the only place to get enough light for clear pictures. Hence I've had little time to think of different ways of looking at the slumbering moths, which can prove quite revealing.

This morning, quite by chance, a Sprawler rolled over in its sleep when I tilted its eggbox and revealed this fine yellow colouring to its abdomen. A Lincolnshire Yellowbelly, to be sure. I've added a close-up to show the surrounding fur coat more fully plus the conventional top view, just above.

Red-green Carpet looking for a mate

Ditto from above

Poor weather conditions also account for the hurried nature of some of today's other pictures but since there were so few inhabitants of the trap, I thought that I would nonetheless show you them all. Here they are, with my best guesses at ID at this early stage of the day attached. I am being called to help with breakfast.

Yellow-line Quaker, modest as ever.  Update: Nope. It's a worn Brick - many
thanks to Richard in Comments

Rather a nice caddisfly on the trap rim,
though in my rush I nipped its antennae off

One of its friends in the warmth of the inner trap

The UK's most boring micro

Apart from this one


Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,

Glad to see you're still trapping.
I think your Yellow-line Quaker is a well worn Brick.


MartinWainwright said...

Thanks as ever Richard - I've updated. Yep, I'm still trapping but keep meaning to cut down as the weather closes in and the moths become fewer. It's compulsive...

all warm wishes


Countryside Tales said...

Love the yellow tummy, and your brick too. VERY naughty re the carpet moth... :-)

MartinWainwright said...

Hi there! I'm planning a post with all the pics I've accumulated over the years showing this tail-wagging habit. I'm trying to track down info about it online, so far without much luck

All v best