Monday, 8 July 2013

Skipping along

The brilliant sunshine inspires me to do a second post for today, after a drowsy walk along the canal in Mediterranean heat.  Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood and Small White butterflies fluttered by but apart from a sadly blurred snap of a very worn Speckled Wood, they eluded my pursuit.

I was luckier with these Large Skippers, seen from above and below, which were jinking around on a grassy ride between young trees. One of them led me and my friends to another modest treasure, this Pyramidal Orchid, which among other things is the official flower of the Isle of Wight.

Although essentially a chalk-lover, it has popped up in a wide variety of different places in recent years, especially in the wake of modern development. The most famous example was a colony at Stansted airport which may have cheered up holidaymakers queueing for budget flights.

Last stop before tea and buns at home was at our neighbours whose annual devastation of Solomon's Seal by caterpillars I mentioned in a post on 17 June. Phil Gates of Durham University commented that the beasties were probably Solomon's Seal Sawfly larvae and I promised a photo in due course. Here it is, and they certainly look like the SSS.

Another neighbour came round for a drink and kindly diverted this Cucumber Green Spider, Araniella curcubitina, on his tummy while I fetched the camera. Daytime is as busy as the mothy night just now.

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