Friday, 3 May 2013

Getting better

The nights are getting a little warmer while the days continue to be Heavenly. The moths are increasing gradually in number too. The Nut-tree Tussock, above, paid a welcome return call last night and there were seven Hebrew Characters including this one below which found a snug bolthole in an eggbox cone.

My boxes are still Yorkshire ones, including the Happy Eggs which have cheered up previous pictures of the drabber sort of moth and do so again now with another of the Hebrew Characters, below. But no doubt the chicken farmers of the Cherwell valley will get a look in soon. One of them is a Muslim organic farmer who is self-building a very fine house out of cob mud and thatch. I'm looking forward to some eggs from there.

Here are three more of last night's catch seeking places to snuggle - Twin-spot Quakers, I think; you can see the double marks like inverted commas towards the leading edge of their wings. I hope to unearth my Moth Bible before much longer and to be more definite as a result.

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