Saturday, 30 March 2013

Stay abed

Just to reassure fellow moth enthusiasts that I am trying, here is a picture of the moth trap this morning. Sadly, the power of its light availed nothing against temperatures well below zero and the patchwork carpeting of snow. The eggboxes were empty come dawn.

There are no Winter Moths abroad in March, with their fascinating equivalent of blood which is more or less the same as car antifreeze - but even so, they take up to half-an-hour to warm up enough to fly on icy nights.

And it has been Arctic. look at these mini-corniches on drifts by a path through our local wood

It's all got me thinking about Darwinism and the way that species adapt, although I consider myself more of a morsel of Lamarckian proof. If I precis correctly, Darwin rightly described evolution as governed by the effects of neutral changes in surroundings whereas Lamarck wrongly suggested that species could play a part themselves in adapting and surviving.

That is what I have done in journalism, which has changed out of all recognition during my working life, but has provided me with a job for over 40 years. That finishes tomorrow, Easter Sunday, when I retire. Look out, moths...

Here is Penny, adapting and surviving on a wintry walk


sarah meredith said...

Our very best to you, Martin, on your retirement day!
xxs and g

RappinRach said...

I'm sorry that you're retiring from the Guardian, but very pleased that I discovered your moth blog & that you'll have more time for it now :-)

Banished To A Pompous Land said...

You lucky bugger Martin! I 'retired' once already and I suspect its going to be a long time until I get to do it again. But I also suspect that just the 'day job' done and you'll find plenty to keep busy.

MartinWainwright said...

Thanks so much, one and all. Sorry for the delay in replying but at least it means that I can say, ten days into retirement, that I like it VERY much...

Even better, the moths are finally on the wing. So the trap is set, the bulb shines brightly at night and all is well in the world.

And I hope with you too

all warmest wishes