Saturday, 29 December 2012

Joys in store

It was so warm last night, in spite of our sopping Christmas weather, that I put the trap out for the first time in ages. Result? Nix, but then it had started getting wet again in the small hours which may have grounded any venturesome moths which had been on the wing earlier.

I can offer you this photo of another and very dramatic flyer, though: a Red Kite over our garden; only the second I've seen here, though they are advancing in all directions from their reintroduction centre at Harewood about six miles away. Some have been seen over the centre of Leeds where in mediaeval times they were familiar scavengers. Sorry it's rather a sketchy image; I cropped it from my original 'phone pic on which it was but a speck.

Also, for any moths which may be reading, look at your new overnight resting place in the coming year: a 'Bronte Brown' eggbox. I keep an informal tally of things named after the famous literary sisters, which ranges from sunbeds to ice cream.

The eggs weren't that brown, but half-a-dozen we got from the hens at Botton village near Danby on the edge of the North York Moors really are. They are a present from my lovely cousin Catherine who works there and came to our family party two days ago. As you can see, they are extra excellent because they were laid on The Day.


Ray Walton said...

Botton Village, near Danby - where Angels, and people with Hearts of Gold live.
I just love to visit this wonderful community as often as I can during the summer months.

MartinWainwright said...

Thanks Ray - I'll pass that on to Catherine who certainly qualifies.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and all warmest wishes for the New Year,


Anonymous said...

Just came here from your Guardian blog comment, nice pictures. I've seen red kites flying over Harehills and Chapeltown a few times, as well as further towards Wetherby - beautiful birds.