Saturday, 7 April 2012

On the ration

After yesterday's exotica, a return to dear old England. This picture looks like something from the post-war austerity period - an elderly couple, maybe, coming to terms with the continuation of rationing (bananas weren't freely available until 1954). I've spoken often to people who remember that time, when for a while the world seemed to go grey.

So here are a couple of Common Pugs. They caught my eye because of the way one chose the flex to settle on, which very seldom happens. Their feet must have powerful muscles or little spurs to ensure a grip. Actually, I just Googled 'moth's feet' since writing that last sentence and discovered that many butterflies and moths have taste pads on their feet. So maybe electric flex tastes nice. Certainly mice think so. One died in our house after nibbling that bit too far (and fused our dishwasher in the process).

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