Monday, 7 November 2011

The village of Moth

Hello again - I have emerged briefly from my hibernation (or what in the case of water voles, I have discovered is called 'torpor'), initially with a completely selfish aim in mind. This is to plug the latest product from Wainwright publications - 'The English Village', which has been very tastefully produced by Michael O'Mara (publishers of all those famous Lady Di exposes). It makes an ideal Christmas present, hem hem.

To disguise this blatant self-promotion, I typed 'moth' and 'village' into Google and, lo and behold!, as happens in this interconnected world, up came a Load of Interesting Facts. Pre-eminent among them is a Wikipedia page on a village actually called Moth (see interesting 3D map below from this website but do so in the context of Wikipedia's map which unfortunately doesn't wholly drag across). Do click on the link as it written charmingly in what you might call Indian English and includes the following memorable juxtaposition.

The author writes enthusiastically about the food of Moth, a name created by us Brits via our customary hopeless attempts to pronounce the real, local word, and ends by saying: In summer the speciality is Kulfi of Moth made by Milkiram; it is the tastiest kulfi that you can get for two rupees anywhere in the world In its customary deadpan way, Wikipedia adds: Citation needed.

I shall make it my business to visit Moth before I die, and email Wikipedia with the proof, if I find it.


sarah meredith said...

YAY!! It always makes me feel dreary to keep seeing your farewell-for-the-winter post on my page of favorite websites. So imagine my pleasure this morning: not only a mid-November post, but a new book to buy!!! Congratulations! Love to both. xxs

And a Christmas present idea for our Anglophile friends!!

MartinWainwright said...

Hi there my fellow Americans (fellows in spirit anyway)

You are nice

Actually the book is very prettily produced so as an artist you may like it. It's what they call a slim volume but I got unexpectedly interested in the subject

Penny and I are sitting in front of our evening fire doing nothing, which is extremely nice

x to you all

M & P