Sunday, 3 October 2010

Which am I?

It's unusual but regular, the picture above: a moth pretending to be a butterfly. Maybe because of the current monsoon, which seeped into the trap a little in spite of Mr and Mrs Robinson's excellent rain shield, this little Carpet took refuge high up on the eggboxes and adopted the folded wings position used by butterflies. Usually this is one of the indicators of difference between butterflies and moths - other principal ones being that all British butterflies have clubbed antennae and fly by day, whereas almost all moths have enormously varied antennae and fly by night. But there are exceptions to all three rules on the moth side, and this is one. After my Quaker bungle yesterday, my identification nerve has gone completely but I think it is a Common Carpet. A bit boring, I agree, but after yesterday's foray into fine art, I have to say I like the background colours. Here's another one (left above), reading the egg instructions, and a third (right) whose identity I'm definitely not sure of. It could be another CG, a Red Green Carpet, or one of several very similar ones. Dean or Ben to the rescue... Help! PS And Lo! Dean has come to the rescue instantly. Thanks so much. The first is a Common Marbled Carpet and the second an RGC


Dean said...

Martin, the 2nd one is Red-green Carpet and the first is Common Marbled Carpet.

MartinWainwright said...

Hey, quick work! Thanks so much. I hope I don't take you for granted - I haven't got WT&L with me at the mo, so am rockier than usual. It's v much appreciated, thanks again. M

Dean said...

"I hope I don't take you for granted"

Not at all Martin. I`ve been helped & corrected on quite a few occasions.

MartinWainwright said...

Not by me, though! Still, one of these days it could happen all best