Monday, 12 October 2009

Still they come

I keep trying to stop this blog, for work reasons, but the moths won't let me. That's even despite the drastic result of last week's winds - a gust caught the bulbholder while I was absorbed in photographing some tiny creature. It rolled off the rockery and Phut! A mercury vapour bulb exploding is quite interesting, but that's the trap finished now, until April when I'll send up to Watkins & Doncaster for a replacement. By following my mother-in-law's practice of looking down at pavements for 'street gold', I hope to have saved up enough. I found a £2 coin the other day...
Anyway, more today, because last night our porch light was on to welcome both Grannies for supper and it proved a veritable moth trap of its own. Here are some of at least 15 temporary residents: November moths and carpets, I think, but luckily the distance was too great for macro mode and I can say complacently that accurate identification was impracticable.

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