Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A nice surprise

I thought things were going to be a dead loss today, after rain in the night and with the trap apparently empty. But no; hidden beneath the egg boxes were some interesting arrivals: a Peppered moth (for the third night running), two Scalloped Hazels which look like the latest stealth creation from the United States Air Force, an Early Thorn, and this.

This is a Green Silver Lines, not rare but a favourite of mine because green is an unusual colour in British moths, and it suits both them and the general greenery of our rainsodden landscape. It's a male - they have the pink skirt to their wings, as well as pink antennae. Initially, I thought that the white lines on the back of the head were feathery antennae laid back like the ears of an angry horse. But they are actually part of the moth's delicate patterning.

One of the interests in trapping is seeing if results vary in different parts of the garden. Because rain was forecast, I more or less hid the trap under a rhododendron and a daisy bush. Maybe that's where Green Silver Lineses like to hang out.

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